Quintero Golf and Country Club opened the Founder's Course, designed by Rees Jones in November 2000. The Charter Course has had the preliminary designed completed by Greg Norman however no date has been set to start construction.

At this time there are over 250 members. With the completion of the Charter Course Quintero will have the reputations and talents of Rees Jones and Greg Norman to offer the members. The surrounding Hieroglyphic Mountains serve as the backdrop for this incredible golf experience, which is second to none.

QUINTERO consists of 828 acres of towering peaks and lush valleys that serve as the backdrop for the two courses and a total of 283 homes. QUINTERO is then surrounded by over 500 acres of lease land, which is surrounded by over 20,000 acres of which the vast majority is Federal and State lands, all of which provide serenity and unmatched vistas.

QUINTERO is a scenic drive of 45 minutes from Sky Harbor Airport or North Scottsdale. With the Valley's freeway system nearing completion the travel time will be reduced and quality of the drive will increase.

QUINTERO stands apart from other golf communities in the Valley of the Sun, as there are no requirements to purchase land to be a member. Real estate is now available both from the Development and in re-sale opportunities.

Membership and Real Estate Information is available by contacting Rudy Frame at 480-585-1625 or 800-444-RUDY (7839) You can also visit www.FrameandCompany.com and click on the Quintero tab for more information. Rudy can also be reached at Rudy@FrameandCompany.com

Rudy Frame
President / Designated Broker
Quintero Marketing / Frame & Company